The Indian Photography Festival (IPF) - Hyderabad, a Not-For-Profit initiative of Light Craft Foundation, is an international photography festival, showcasing a wide range of photography from India and around the globe with a series of events, including talks and discussions, portfolio reviews, book launches, screenings, workshops etc. The IPF creates a platform for the professional and aspiring photographers, the photography lovers and the public where the festival promotes the art of photography at the same time address the social issues through the medium of photography. The IPF 2018 will take place at the State Gallery of Art - Hyderabad, from 6th September - 7th October.


  • Aquin Mathews


  • Mags King - Managing Picture Editor / Fairfax Media
  • Reza Deghati - Photographer & National Geographic Explorer
  • Alison Zavos - Founder and Editor-in-Chief / Feature Shoot
  • Q. Sakamaki - Documentary Photographer & Co-founder / Everyday Japan & Hikari Creative
  • Sudharak Olwe - Photojournalist
  • Gurinder Osan - Photo Editor / Press Trust of India
  • Deepak John Mathew - Professor & Head of the Dept. of Design - IIT Hyderabad
  • Yuezhuo Su - Editor / Photointer
  • Luca Venturi - Founder & Art Director / Siena International Photo Awards


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IPF Portrait Prize 2018

The 'Indian Photography Festival' PORTRAIT PRIZE 2018 is a portrait competition open to the photographers from the Indian subcontinent. Photographers have been making portraits for centuries and what's so interesting about portraiture is its ability to capture the essence of a person, a time-period, or a culture. This award aims at discovering the compelling portraits and extra-ordinary talents

  • Judge
  • Melissa Golden
  • Editorial portrait and documentary photographer

Melissa Golden lives in Atlanta, but she isn't really from anywhere in particular. Her nomadic childhood, courtesy of the United States military, has led to a life marked by continuous change, renewal and wanderlust. Her work is influenced by all the places she's called home at some point- the brazen oddity and beauty of Southern California, the tradition of the Deep South, the storm light of rural Florida, the heady intrigue of the Middle East and the stiff formality of the District of Columbia. She may not know where she's going next, but her pictures help her to keep track of where she's been.

Melissa is represented by Redux Pictures where she also maintains her editorial archives.

Terms & Conditions
  • This is an Agreement between the Applicant and Light Craft Foundation. By submitting an image applicants agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
  • The 'Indian Photography Festival' Portrait Prize is open to any, 18 years of age or older, from the Indian subcontinent.
  • The entry should be appropriate with the category of portrait; you can also submit group portraits and self-portraits.
  • Digital files must be no longer than 2000 Pixels in either height or width and saved as Jpegs (.jpg), in RGB format and not exceed 4 MB per file, at 150dpi.
  • No identifying mark is allowed anywhere on the entry.
  • Only one entry per applicant and the last date for submission is 30th July 2018.
  • The copyrights of the images remains with the photographer. All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used for publicity and promotional purposes in any media related to the competition, at no charge; the photographer will be credited for the use of their work.
  • The entrant must be the sole author of the photograph and the photograph must be an original work and the entrant is responsible for taking all steps necessary to protect the rights of persons depicted, including but not limited to obtaining their permission. Also the entrant should be responsible for any legal issues related to the entries submitted and agree to pay any costs occurred due to the same.
  • The results will be announced during the opening of the Indian Photography Festival - HYDERABAD on Sept 6th 2018 @ 6:00 PM.
  • The finalists and the winners will be exhibited during the Indian Photography Festival - HYDERABAD from Sept 6th - Oct 7th 2018 and may tour different cities in India and overseas and by submitting an entry, you are agreeing to have prints of your photographs shown in these exhibitions at no charge.
  • Winners are responsible for the payment of any taxes or fees levied on the prizes.
  • Light Craft Foundation reserves the right to suspend or postpone or amend the competition.
  • Light Craft Foundation reserves the right to exclude entries and withhold selection for violating any of its terms and conditions
  • Please email us to in case of any queries.

Open Call 2018

We are happy to announce the list of photographers who are selected for the Print & Digital Exhibitions through the Open Call 2018. We received a total of 625 submissions from 63 countries this year. Thanks everyone for your participation and interest in the Indian Photography Festival - HYDERABAD. And a big thanks to our selection panel - Mags King, Reza Deghati ,Alison Zavos, Q. Sakamaki, Sudharak Olwe , Gurinder Osan, Deepak John Mathew, Yuezhuo Su & Luca Venturi.

Print Exhibitions :-
  • Sina Niemeyer / Germany.
  • Sharbendu De / India.
  • Gilles Nicolet / Tanzania.
  • Anup Shah / India
  • Gao Peng / China
  • Sara Bennet / USA
  • Alain Schroeder / Belgium
  • Antonio Aragón Renuncio / Spain
  • Benedicte Desrus / Mexico
  • Qiumin Tang / China
Digital Exhibitions:-
  • Amy Friend / Canada.
  • Kathy Shorr / USA.
  • Indrajit Khambe / India.
  • John Feely / Australia
  • Abhinav Kakkar / India
  • Karolina Jonderko / Poland
  • Pavel Romaniko / USA
  • Jennifer Ray / USA
  • Ashfika Rahman / Bangladesh
  • Ezio Ratti /Italy
  • Dmitry Khovanskiy / Russia
  • Kai Loeffelbein / Germany
  • Margarita Makarova /Russia
  • Frederic Aranda / Switzerland
  • Mirko Lamonaca /Italy
  • Udit Kulshrestha / India .
  • Tria Giovan / USA.
  • Harun Tole / Turkey .
  • Gary Ngy / Hong Kong
  • Jayanta saha / India
  • Miyuki Okuyama / Japan
  • Thomas Pickarski / USA
  • Abhishek Kumar / India .
  • Vishwanath Math / India .


  • Nick Ut


  • James Wellford

    Senior Photo Editor - National Geographic

  • Anush Babajanyan

    Photographer - VII Photo

  • Pep Bonet

    Photographer - NOOR

  • Sandro Miller

    Photographer & Director

  • Robin Schwartz

    Fine Art Photographer

  • Rohit Chawla


  • Mark Edward Harris

    Travel & Documentary Photographer

  • Tasneem Alsultan


  • Uzma Mohsin


  • Ismail Ferdous

    Documentary Photographer

  • Prabhakar Kusuma


  • Vineet Vohra


  • Melissa Golden

    editorial portrait & documentary photographer

  • Boris Eldagsen

    photo & video artist

  • Ritesh Uttamchandani


  • Enrico Fabian


  • Giles Clarke

    Photojournalist - Getty Images Reportage

  • Mahesh Shantaram

    Photographer - Agence VU

  • Sina Niemeyer


  • Viinod Nair

    Knowledge partner with Conceptual Pictures Worldwide & Former CEO at Getty Images, India


Hijacking the night with Boris Eldagsen



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September is one of the best month to visit Hyderabad. And there is no time like the Indian Photography Festival 2018.

Indian Photography Festival 2018 is a MUST to include in your itinerary whether you are visiting from other parts of India or overseas. The 2018 Festival runs from 6th September - 7th October.

You are invited, from every corner of the world to join us for the Indian Photography Festival 2018.


The State Art Gallery, one of Hyderabad's leading art space is located at Kavuri Hills, Madhapur, just a 10 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop. Admission to the Gallery is free.

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Friday - Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00


There are different types of accommodation available in Hyderabad near the main venue and for details or any other assistance please email


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